Already Wearing Contact Lenses?

We all love (and sometimes hate) the internet, but when it comes to contact lenses you really mustn’t bypass the regular visits to your high street optician.  Keeping your eyes in tip top condition is very important for safe and comfortable contact lens wear, and there is no substitute for a physical check along with the latest professional advice and guidance.

Before you next go online have a look at this infographic on Good Online Practice.

Even very experienced wearers can become just a little complacent about their lens care routines and that’s when problems are most likely to occur.  It is worth refreshing your knowledge of the Do’s and Don’ts, especially about hand cleanliness and the need to avoid ANY contact with water.  Many of the bad headlines you may come across are caused by mixing contact lenses with water – any source of water.  So do keep in mind that contact lenses, even non-prescription ones, should always be treated as medical devices and given the appropriate respect in handling and use.  Always apply the correct lens care products (where appropriate) which are matched to your specific contact lens design – they are often optimised for them.  Your optician can advise you.

Even better designs of contact lens are coming on the market the whole time, so do ask your optician if the newest designs would be even more suitable for you than your current ones.  You’ll be amazed at the difference the latest ones can make.