Thinking of Wearing Contact Lenses?

Every year millions of new wearers around the world begin their journey towards better vision using contact lenses.  Of course manufacturers will tell you how wonderful they are, but why not go and prove it for yourself with a lens trial? 

Contact lenses provide many benefits to improve the life of the wearer.  Here is why you should consider them:

The vast range of choice in contact lenses can be bewildering.  Here are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of contact lens to help you and your eye care practitioners narrow it down:

If you’re wanting to wear contact lenses for fun there are hundreds of great designs on the market, but take care – your eyes are very sensitive and contact lenses should always be treated as medical devices. You need professional advice from a clinician, and that means you should visit your local high street optician who will be able to assess your eyes and give you the necessary guidance. Above all, never allow contact lenses to come into contact with water.  If you're thinking of trying cosmetic contact lenses then read this first.

Here is some additional background advice from a range of professional sources

GOC regulatory and educational advice is available here
BCLA consumer advice and practitioner resources are available here 
Top tips from the AOP for contact lens wearers is here
A further range of AOP guidance is available here
ABDO advice for contact lens wear is here
FODO links to consumer advice is here
MHRA advice on contact lenses is here

If you’re considering contact lenses for vision correction then get ready to be transformed by contact lens wear. They’re good for children as well as adults, and there are appropriate contact lenses for the whole range of lifestyles. The technology is constantly improving, so even if you’re a lapsed wearer you might want to try again. Talk to your local optician, and they’ll be able to bring you up to date.

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and contact lens designs are at the forefront of innovations for improved comfort and longer wearing times. Smart contact lenses are being developed to cope with particular medical conditions such as myopia, for the delivery of some medications (such as for diabetes), for a range of eye defects including low vision, and for monitoring your health. Contact lenses which improve your vision and key aspects of health have a very bright future.