Contact lens information

Contact lens tips

How contact lenses work - Includes a description of why we need to wear contact lenses and an indepth explanation of the four main conditions that require corrective lenses.

Contact lens types - Soft Lenses and Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses. This section also looks at Tinted lenses - Enhancing Tints, Opaque tints and Visibility or handling tints.

Tinted Lenses - Increasingly pupular, and now including 'fashion' lenses which can create a dramatic effect .

Basic Lens Care - Contact lenses can be the perfect answer to your vision-correction needs, but they should be looked after carefully at all times.

Lens and Makeup Care - How to look your best on every occasion and gain that self-confidence which contact lenses can give you.

Lens and Sport Care - Many sportsmen and sportswomen now use contact lenses to improve their vision and raise their game.