Making Slime at Home

Tests by consumer group Which? have found that some versions of 'slime' have four times the EU limit for boron in toys.  The craze for slime among young children has flooded the market from manufacturers worldwide where safety standards may not be what they are in the UK.  Prices have become inflated and so many parents have turned to the internet for cheaper versions, as well as recipes to create slime at home for a fraction of the cost.

Many of these recipes advocate using contact lens solution as an ingredient, some brands of which contain borax (boron).  Contact lens solutions were not designed to create slime, but to protect the integrity of contact lenses.  All ACLM members adhere to strict safety standards which are rigorously enforced by the regulatory bodies.  Any minute quantities of borax used by these companies will certainly be well within set safety limits – when used correctly according to the Instructions for Use of the product.  The ACLM is not aware of any reports of problems with borax used correctly.

Any mention of ‘homemade’ or ‘internet’ should trigger immediate caution. Using any product for a purpose for which it was not designed, in larger volumes than expected and/or from a supplier you do not trust, will risk creating unintended consequences.  It again reminds us that contact lenses and lens care products are medical devices which should only be purchased and used following advice from a qualified eye care practitioner.