Myopia Management

For a range of reasons, largely associated with our 21st Century lifestyle, myopia (short-sightedness) is becoming increasingly prevalent in children.  Apart from potentially hindering their educational development it can, in some extreme cases and if left untreated in the long term, result in sight threatening conditions.

What is myopia?

Specially designed contact lenses (developed since publication of the link below) have been shown to slow the progression of myopia in children:

The  National Eye Institute (part of NIH) has funded a clinical trial which provides independent evidence that multi-focal contact lenses reduce worsening short-sightedness:

Read up about the condition at the following professional sources:

Myopia Management Institute  

The College of Optometrists

The British Contact Lens Association

OT (The Association of Optometrists)
“It is one of the most exciting things to happen to optometry in my career”

Ask your eye care practitioner about myopia management, especially for children.  Read about one parent's regret at delaying its use, and then his experience of its effectiveness: