Spotting Counterfeit Products

The BBC programme Fake Britain, broadcast on 14 August 2019, raised awareness of the risks to consumers who may have bought fake contact lenses. They are often not sterile and therefore risk wearers' eyesight.

In the UK, and because they are medical devices, contact lenses can be supplied only under the supervision or general direction of a registered eye care or medical practitioner.  Unfortunately there are online businesses, and even some shops or market stalls, which may be selling contact lenses that are not fit for purpose and are illegal.  If they’re cheap, ask yourself why. 

Manufacturers are always looking out for counterfeit products and, once they’re aware of them, act swiftly with regulators or prosecuting bodies to get them removed from sale.

Wearers, both new and experienced, may be putting their sight at risk unless they purchase from a well-established and trusted source, such as their local optician.  In an AOP survey of over 1000 UK optometrists, more than half reported seeing patients who had issues when they had bought glasses or contact lenses online.  Patients should always go to a reputable supplier for their contact lenses and follow advice from their eye care practitioner.

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If you are concerned about your contact lenses you should visit your local high street optician.  Contact lenses are medical devices and they should always be handled appropriately.