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Order by card, cheque or direct debit now from £23.00, depending on your location (see below).  As well as receiving the Year Book, you will also have 12 months access to the online ACLM Year Book Online.

Many new contact lenses and care products are introduced every year, and new materials too, so you need to keep up to date with the latest technology by renewing your ACLM Contact Lens Year Book every year. The best way to do this is by setting up a Direct Debit and getting the benefit of a 35% discount – every year!  Also, you will automatically receive the new Year Book as soon as it is produced, and be one of the first to do so.  Your online access remains active so long as you maintain the direct debit in place.

Instead, you can complete a paper order form and pay by card or cheque if you would prefer.

To order multiple copies of the Year Book, please use the paper order form.


Standard order (card or cheque):
UK - £23.00
Europe - £30.00
Rest of World - £33.00

Direct Debit order:
UK - £15.00
Europe - £22.00
Rest of World - £25.00


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